Agenda 2018



The Summit aims to facilitate knowledge exchange on the key areas of achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Asian region.

The agenda will review key areas of the sector with keynote presentations, case studies from the region and interactive panel discussions. The agenda will delve into the following topic areas:


Sector Overview

  • Update on the Aid trends in South East Asia
  • Reviewing the funding trends in South East Asia
  • Ascertaining the need for partnerships and collaborations


Disaster, Resilience & Response

  • Handling post disaster management, challenges and best practices
  • Building community resilience for effective post disaster management
  • Ensuring the livelihood of displaced people long term
  • Identifying the importance of Climate Change adaptation and collaborations
  • Implementing strategies for disaster risk reduction and resilience
  • Improving livelihood during and post emergencies through a robust shelter management



  • Addressing the challenges in maternal and child healthcare
  • Monitoring the latest Communicable Diseases and how to prevent and eradicate them
  • Recognising the rise of Non-Communicable Diseases in South East Asia and their effects on the mortality rates
  • Identifying best practices and innovations in WASH
  • Strengthening health programmes through mobile technologies



  • Determining the latest innovations in Emergency Communications
  • Strengthening connectivity during and post-disaster relief
  • Discerning the latest and paramount mobile innovations
  • Utilising mobile payments in emergency and development programmes
  • Integrating Big Data collection and mapping in disaster prone areas
  • Devising a data sharing strategy through crowd sourcing and open source knowledge solutions
  • Examining early warning technology innovations in flood management


Humanitarian Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Identifying the crucial last mile technologies to support logistics
  • Determining the best practises in Aid supplies management
  • Shipping supplies in reduced infrastructure areas
  • Utilising local capacity by empowering community led disaster response
  • Developing agile operations and coordination strategies to reduce waste and delays


If you have a compelling case study that will inspire and inform other senior development leaders and decision makers, please contact:

Loubna Aghzafi

Event & Programme Director

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