Dr Aung Kyaw Htut

Dr Aung Kyaw Htut

Deputy Secretary General
Myanmar Red Cross Society

My name is Dr. Aung Kyaw Htut, Deputy Secretary General (Program Services) of Myanmar Red Cross Society. I was graduated from Institute of Medicine (1) Yangon. I served in the Military Medical Services for 19 years and retired in 1992 as Major Consultant Anesthesiologist.

Working as Marketing Consultant for Astra, UPSA pharmaceuticals, and introduced Monitoring Equipment to Private Hospitals.

Joined Myanmar Red Cross Society since 1999, I was trained in Special First Aid, Psychological First Aid, Mass Casualty Management, Project Planning Process, Volunteering and leadership Management, Human Resources and Resilience Building, Member of Regional Disaster Response Team.

As Director of Community Safety and Resilience developed “Integrated Community Assessment for Building Resilience” (ICABR) which is common Assessment Tools for all Community Based Programs and Projects of MRCS.