Pareena Prayukvong

Pareena Prayukvong

Manager & Committee Member
The NETWORK for Sustainable Development Association

Currently I have worked as Manager and Committee members of The NETWORK for Sustainable Development Association (The NETWORK). The NETWORK, a nonprofit organization registered with the Ministry of Interior, aims to develop the networking members among NGOs, businesses and local government in each province (1) to facilitate mutual dialogues from vision to implementation towards their sustainable cities, (2) to develop collaboratively the short and medium term goals of the cities, (3) to foster  and help maintain the network management in where they have reached to “trust” stage, and lastly (4) to help each network group member to design a monitoring and evaluation system to management their knowledge on outputs, outcomes and impacts on their sustainable development  in the format of The NETWORK Forum annually among members.

In addition, I am also sit as the Members of Working Group of the National CSR Committee under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and the Member of the Institute of Sustainable City Development, a collaboration of 7 universities and 10 nonprofit organization which promote urban environmental management.  

Lastly, I have known SROI Tools for quite sometimes and I have learned and started to employ SROI to measure the social impact on collaborative sustainable cities – urbanization-public space intervention. My today paper is just my first experiments to put the financial and social benefit together for measuring social impact.  The following are my list of past and the future publication:

  • Social Impact from the Collaborative Sustainable Cities Network (To be published in December 2017)
  • Profit Deliberation: Strategic CSR Handbook for Thai Society, Sept. 2012
  • Research on CSR Development in Thailand and Roles Volunteerism, UNDP (2009)
  • Books: Equality of Ethics and Profit Making: Case Studty6--Asia Precision, Co-written with Wanna Prayukvong (2008)
  • Research Report on Giving and Volunteering Management of International Supporting Organizations, Funded by Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thailand, Nov 07
  • Handbook of Employee Volunteering: Toward Happiness Funded by Moral Center, Aug 07 
  • Analysis Report on Stakeholders Participation in Rayong Community in Preserving Environment, Funded by World Bank 2006
  • Leadership Development for Community Development for Thai Context at WINGS Forum 2006
  • Promoting the Community Foundation in Thai Local Philanthropy: Challenges in Shifting the Thai Giving Paradigm, The 7th International Conference of The International Society for Third-Sector Research, Jul 06, Bangkok, Thailand
  • NGO and private sector cooperation for poverty reduction, NGO and Private Cooperation, Asian Development Bank, 2004